Training priorities

Road Class understands very well the challenges of work-related drivers in rural and regional areas, as well as the city.

Heavy emphasis is placed on the dangers of speeding, inattention, fatigue management and tyre maintenance.

Tailgating is a nasty epidemic in Australia. Road Class tries to initiate a major shift in driver behaviour.

We to introduce clients to `eco driving’, or fuel-efficient driving.

Proper scanning, observation, judgement, hazard perception, a good attitude and reduction in distractions are all dealt with in detail.

Clients are shown that driver safety is not a matter of luck. It is a creation of the driver.

priorities training jpeg

Staff are shown how to reverse with precision, understand pivot points and use of side mirrors when reversing and are given simple parking techniques.

Road Class uses discretion in teaching stability techniques through bends and provides several demonstrations on emergency braking.

Driving on loose surfaces, small bus training and an all-wheel-drive program are just some of the options available with Road Class.